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Green Eggs and Goat Cheese July 3, 2012

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Easy, simple way to incorporate leafy greens into your kids diet! This is how Ella began eating her eggs- always with sauteed vegetables and spices, and though I don’t put the effort into adding veggies every single time she wants an egg these days she does still like them this way, especially when there’s a decent cheese involved. We also love using artichoke hearts and parmesan in our spinach eggs. You might be thinking a handful of spinach and a few tablespoons of artichokes doesn’t qualify as a vegetable serving, but adding a handful here and there adds up fast and for me it’s a helpful way to ensure I’m getting enough vegetables in my child’s diet. Besides, green eggs are fun and delicious, and Dr. Seuss can back me up on this.

Green Eggs and Goat Cheese


Splash of olive oil or Earth Balance

One handful of spinach, washed and very finely minced

One egg, whisked with 1 t. water (optional)

Dash of spice such as oregano, basil, or thyme

Herbed goat cheese

Heat oil in small saucepan, cook spinach until soft 30-60 seconds. Add egg and spice, cook completely. Top with goat cheese.