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About August 21, 2011

Anna and Ella at the Chicago Holiday Train


Hi there! Thank you for visiting Raised From Scratch and taking a moment to read a little bit about me. I’m Anna, a mom who gave up restaurant life for a chance to stay home and raise my daughter Ella. We have a great time getting messy in the kitchen, and although I thought I was good at throwing caution to the wind when it came to creating recipes, she takes it to a new level like only a toddler can, and I go along smiling… sometimes cringing… as she tosses half of my carefully measured ingredients out of the bowl, onto herself, or the counter, or the floor. But I never regret sharing the experience with my little one, and there’s no other kitchen I’d rather be cooking in.

My Food: I’m a long time pescatarian (fish is the only meat I eat), former vegan, and recent gluten-free convert. I created this site to share wholesome recipes with you, making it easier to cook delicious foods, incorporating more fruits and vegetables while avoiding refined sugar and processed food. We call it “Grow Food” around here to help my daughter understand why what we eat, and don’t eat, is important. My philosophy, and what I teach my daughter: if it’s not a grow food it should be enjoyed in moderation (sugar cookies) or avoided entirely (junk food).

My Photography: I look at some of the countless beautifully photographed blogs with flawless pictures obviously staged away from the eyes and grabby hands of a hungry toddler, and while I admire them, I simply can’t relate. So while I share pictures which surely will reveal spilled flour on the counter-top or dirty dishes in the sink or a small blurry hand sneakily removing the food I’m trying to photograph, I hope you’ll forgive the imperfections and instead find the freedom to go create your own mess in the kitchen.

Wishing you a delicious day!


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Brenda Cook Says:

    Fabulous blog site. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Ken Gaines had sent the link out to your blog via Facebook…..so I took a look.

  2. Kristin Says:

    LOVE your food philosophy and love the term “grow food” as I’m trying to teach my two girls about healthy food choices.. Looking forward to checking out your recipes!

    • annalope Says:

      Thanks Kristin. Describing how food helps us grow and stay strong really works with my daughter, and she remarks all the time how she needs her grow food so she can “grow to be a giant” or “be tall enough for the monkey bars”. I hope you find some recipes you like here!

  3. Sally Says:

    Hi! I work for Salba chia and was wondering if I could get your permission to use the picture of your daughter eating the beet burger with Salba chia in a presentation I am working on. The presentation is just informational to explain Salba’s consistency and what products we offer at the retail level. Email sally@salbasmart.com if you have any questions or comments. Love the blog, Thanks!

    • annalope Says:

      Hi Sally, thanks for the inquiry! I’m happy you’re finding the picture useful and you are welcome to use it as long as I’m given credit somewhere in the presentation. I sent you an email just now as well. Salba is a wonderful product. Best of luck with the presentation πŸ™‚

  4. kendra Says:

    lovely to meet you today!

    • annalope Says:

      Thanks Kendra, you too! I loved checking out By Hand At Home – what a beautiful blog πŸ™‚ Hope to see you and the kids again sometime soon.

  5. Mary Says:

    Hello! I’m a freelancer for All Parenting and would like to use an image of your popsicle stick ornament craft. I’ll provide a link back to your blog and photo credits. Please let me know if you’re not OK with this!

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