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About Raised From Scratch January 11, 2012

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Hi there! I’m Anna, a mom who gave up restaurant life for a chance to stay home and raise my daughter Ella. We have a great time getting messy in the kitchen, and although I thought I was good at throwing caution to the wind when it came to creating recipes , she takes it to a new level like only a toddler can, and I go along smiling… sometimes cringing… as she tosses half my carefully measured ingredients out of the bowl, onto herself, or the counter, or the floor. But I never regret sharing the experience with my little one, and there’s no other kitchen I’d rather be cooking in.

Parenthood is an ongoing adventure and I don’t presume to have mastered much of anything about it, but I know how much parents can help each other┬áby sharing their stories, trials and triumphs alike. I also know that I have a lot of recipes and ideas to share, and I struggle with the confinements of being a stay at home parent, no longer cooking professionally. I look at some of the countless beautiful blogs written by parents, with flawless pictures obviously staged away from the eyes and grabby hands of a hungry toddler — something I simply don’t relate to. So while I post my recipes somewhat timidly and share pictures which surely will reveal spilled flour on the counter-top or dirty dishes in the sink or a small blurry hand sneakily removing the food I’m trying to photograph, I hope you’ll forgive the imperfections and instead find the freedom to go create your own mess in the kitchen.

Wishing you a delicious day!


A Village of Resources

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Links listed here are to provide support to parents, perhaps broaden your horizons, and hopefully make you feel more at ease trusting your instincts, loving unconditionally, and enjoying the experience of parenthood. It’s not easy finding a village (location or community of people) to help you raise your child, but by gathering and sharing resources I hope to prove your village does exist, albeit perhaps scattered and distant.

Re: Gentle/Positive Discipline

Awesomely Awake

Natural Parents Network


Re: Breastfeeding

La Leche League


Re: Elimination Communication / Natural Infant Hygiene

Diaper Free Baby